What is From The Horse’s Mouth (Presskit)





Created by Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham, From the Horse’s Mouth is a celebratory dance/theater production that has received standing ovations for its captivating story-telling and exceptional dancing, with rave reviews from critics around the United States.

In each production, 25 performers – outstanding dancers and choreographers of all ages and all dance traditions – tell personal stories from their lives, then perform movement of their own choosing, sometimes interacting with another dancer.  The stories range from humorous to poignant and reveal personal moments of loss, joy, frustration, and triumph.

Premiered in 1998 at Joyce Soho in New York City with modern dancers and choreographers, subsequent productions have become more diverse featuring dancers with backgrounds in African, Flamenco, East Indian, Irish, Japanese, clogging, hip-hop, tango, jazz, tap, ballet, and Broadway.

A Behind-the-Scenes Experience

People love to be “in the know”. They love to know what goes on “behind- the-scenes”, particularly in the arts world. “Horse’s Mouth” brings them up close and personal with the performers on stage.

A Collaboration

“Horse’s Mouth” is a collaboration between the participants and artistic directors Tina Croll and Jaime Cunningham, veterans of the New York dance and theatre world.

A Curatorial Opportunity

“Horse’s Mouth” offers local ‘impresarios’ the opportunity to ‘curate’ a production that is unique to their own community, selecting local participants to tell their own stories within the show’s parameters.

A Fundraising Tool

Because it reaches out to whole communities and is less costly to produce, more and more organizations are using “Horse’s Mouth” as a fundraising event to raise money for a local or regional cause.

A Celebration

A “Horse’s Mouth” performance provides the opportunity to celebrate an occasion (maybe the opening of a season); a milestone or anniversary; or a community itself.

An Audience Builder

There is no better way to build an audience than engaging them personally in the performance. As soon as they recognize someone they know performing onstage, you’ve got their attention.

A Sense of Community

“Horse’s Mouth” brings together like-minded people of all ages, races, and ethnicities to share their stories, their passions, and their adventures – through words and movement.


To book From the Horse’s Mouth, please contact
Victor Gotesman at The Center for Creative Resources.
Tel. 212.864.7827
| gotesman@ccr-arts.org

What’s New

Founder Tina Croll performed at Joyce Soho on June 25-27th.