How Does It Work In My Community?

Each production of From the Horse’s Mouth constitutes a new “chapter” of the piece and is cast or “curated” to showcase a specific group of performers or dancers. No two performances are ever alike. When produced in locations across the country, this highly entertaining, evening-length work features 25 performers from your own community. They may be joined by a core company of 5 dancers from New York, if you prefer.

For example, a production in a university town may focus on alumni and faculty, as well as include local dancers from the surrounding area. Or, a venue may want to focus on a specific lineage or tradition. Because the structure is simple, From the Horse’s Mouth can be rehearsed and performed in three days. This is a superior event with which to engage your local dance community in a singular experience, whatever that unique community may be.


To book From the Horse’s Mouth, please contact
Victor Gotesman at The Center for Creative Resources.
Tel. 212.864.7827

What’s New

Founder Tina Croll performed at Joyce Soho on June 25-27th.