What the Critics Say…

“Croll and Cunningham have struck gold in their simple format…. In addition to the participants’ structured improvisations, their stories of teachers, road trips, mishaps and what it means to dance revealed the passion and pain of this rarefied world. We glimpsed humanity in their art, and were, in a word, moved.”
– Los Angeles Times

“The list of star-studded performers who participated in a structured improvisation included Jane Comfort, Terry Creach, Carmen de Lavallade, Viola Farber, Stuart Hodes, Deborah Jowitt, Wendy Perron, Kathy Posin, Don Redlich, Sara Rudner, Gus Solomons jr. The credits of these artists encompass innovative choreography, enthralling performances, books on dance and dance history, inspiring dance teachers, new college dance departments, provocative dance columns, theater and dance collaboratives, avant-garde dance films. Equally as compelling as seeing these big wigs dance, was it enjoyable to hear them reminisce. Warm, funny and nostalgic these stories each had a common theme – an unquestionable and unquenchable love of dance.”
– Attitude Magazine

“Horse’s Mouth filled the space with movement-drunk humanity, making palpable the Hindu notion that all life is a dance…”
– Los Angeles Times

“What a wonderful world the dance world can be! The Horse’s Mouth left no doubt about that….”
The New York Times

“…incredibly moving and funny… a summation of dance history, given a razor-sharp execution that filled one with pride to be part of the scene.”
LA Weekly

“Heightened emotions and serendipitous dance moments mingle with belly laughs and bittersweet anecdotes.”
Los Angeles Sunday Times
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What’s New

Founder Tina Croll performed at Joyce Soho on June 25-27th.